Royce Geo participated in Hope For The Warriors (HOPE) Health and Wellness challenge

Royce Geo participated in Hope For The Warriors (HOPE) September 30x30Health and Wellness challenge. Hope For The Warriors presented a 30-day virtual challenges that focus on physical and emotional wellness while honoring the commitment of service of our military community. Throughout the challenge HOPE brought a library of fitness and mindfulness activities that participates could choose from or do another activity one enjoyed accomplishing one’s daily 30minutes. Royce had a great participation, and we can’t wait to partner with Hope For The Warriors again.

Royce Geo supports several organizations providing critical resources to those in need. As part of our Royce Awards Program, our team members have the opportunity to identify an organization important to them, and Royce Geo provides a donation in their honor. We want to thank our employees who went the “extra mile” to donate! With our Corporate Match and employee contribution we doubled Hope For The Warriors 30 day contribution goal!

To find out more about Hope For The Warriors Health check out their website: About | Hope for the Warriors

We can’t wait for our November volunteer event!

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