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CURVE (Coordinate, Understand, Resource, Visualize, Enhance) is a data agnostic solution that enables machine-to-machine assisted interactions, and workflow automation.


Purpose Built For the Modern Warfighter

CURVE Cloud Operational Environment (OE) is an advanced computing and intelligence modernization environment that enables data processing and analytics automation to include operationalizing commercial data and tactical ISR assets across the intelligence lifecycle.

Designed from the ground up by analysts serving intelligence missions to handle numerous concurrent data flows across the intelligence spectrum, CURVE OE is purpose-built to support the modern warfighter.

Gain flexible analytics and processing

CURVE OE’s Workbench provides a Low / No-code interface to create and edit intelligence workflows

Access advanced data processing nodes, such as Computer Vision, for automatically detecting objects and change within satellite imagery using the latest AI / ML technology.

Workbench interface with multiple workflows
Diagram showing CURVE OE Dashboards and Mission Manager can be deployed from multiple sources

Deploy from anywhere

CURVE OE can be deployed anywhere, from an unclassified cloud to the tactical edge, or even in open water with our SPEAR solution.

Manage every mission

CURVE OE Dashboards and Mission Manager display data in a simple browser-based tool for technical and non-technical audiences.

CURVE OE Dashboards and Mission Manager

Aligning Critical Needs with Emerging Technologies

Royce Geo’s CURVE Operational Environment (OE) was developed from years of specialization in delivering intelligence solutions and services to automate the intelligence cycle through human-machine teaming, advanced data processing, data modeling, AI/ML, and analysis techniques.

CURVE OE enables decision-makers and analysts capabilities and resources, including:

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Stream ETL services that allow users to integrate disparate datasets into a common consolidated platform. Datasets can be integrated through Application Programming Interface (API) or users can bring their own data into the platform.

Data points digital texture

Enterprise Database Services

Utilize multiple Big Data storage technologies to host, analyze, and visualize billions of data records.

Two men using a laptop standing near multiple servers

Custom Coding

Access and develop advanced coding libraries and languages — including AI/ML solutions — using JupyterHub IDE and CCOE integrations.

Person typing on multiple computers

Advanced Visualization

Access an advanced visualization platform that allows users to seamlessly visualize billions of records through customizable dashboards.

Webpage dashboard with multiple graphs

Common Operating Picture (COP)

Integrate a CIP/COP solution that allows users to seamlessly visualize geospatial information inside a consolidated platform.

Satellite view of earth with illustrated glowing lines connecting different points on the globe

Warfighter Support

Disseminate data to tactical/edge devices using an externalized platform that’s integrated into fire networks and with Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) through Tactical Radio Application Extension (TRAX).

Warfighter support digital texture

API Gateway

Tightly integrate with other systems, unlike other bottleneck proprietary stovepipe solutions. Open API ensures easy communication (push and pull) with any outside mission/ commercial systems.

Multicolored digital texture

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