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Expeditionary Mission Support

Deploying advanced tech and services to support critical missions.

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Achieving the Impossible

Royce Geo is determined to minimize downtime and help prevent unexpected interruptions to critical mission processes and technology — both in the physical and digital world.

Intelligence communities are under intense pressure to avoid disruptions and downtime and ensure the continuous availability of critical business resources, applications, and services. Royce Geo enables organizations to develop a strategy that proactively identifies potential issues that may arise and allow them to respond quickly and effectively.

Expeditionary Mission Support Focus

Keep your critical mission going.

Our Expeditionary Mission Service ensures no matter the complications, your missions meet a successful end.

Importance of Expeditionary Mission Support

In Critical Missions

Our diverse and impactful work supports our defense and intelligence mission partners. Our Expeditionary Mission Support service is just one element of our support offerings.

  • Work directly with Expeditionary Mission Support to develop a strategy and support plan customized to your needs
  • Facilitate problem resolution case management on a reactive basis for reported problems
  • Communicate regularly to discuss operational issues, track open cases, and deliver reports


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