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Royce Geo has developed the Special Purpose Environmental Activity Recorder (SPEAR) to deploy the CURVE Operational Environment at the tactical edge using a low signature buoy form-factor with autonomous power and satellite communications.

Rapid Maritime Detection and Deployment at Mission Speed

SPEAR’s integrated sensors collect acoustic data, and onboard AI/ML detects and classifies vessel activity within the data. Users can define workflows based on AI/ML output, including automated tasking orchestration for national and commercial satellite imagery.

CURVE OE running on SPEAR rapidly detects acoustic signatures for target vessels, provides the vessel tracks, and automatically tasks commercial Electro-optical and/or SAR satellite imagery collections of stationary and moving vessels via autonomous internet comms. CURVE OE then locates subject vessels in the collected images using AI/ML and sends vessel reports to a common operating picture. The total time from SPEAR detection to vessel report is possible within 30 minutes.

Graphic listing the 6 steps of SPEAR

SPEAR’s successes in the news

Royce Geo enabled the U.S. Navy to use commercial hardware, software and satellite data to quickly turn information from satellites into useful intelligence.

SPEAR news article on Space News webpage

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