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New! Royce Geo Mission Impact Award

A graphic which depicts the Royce Geo Mission Impact Award

We are thrilled to present Dave Rabrun with the inaugural Royce Geo Mission Impact Award, highlighting his outstanding commitment to advancing our mission. This award acknowledges one team member bi-annually who best aligns their talents and expertise with our mission, actively contributing to overcoming intricate challenges and delivering enduring solutions for our customers.

Dave, serving as Royce Geo’s Chief Engineer, stands out as a pivotal leader within our Advanced Analytic Portfolio, shaping and influencing every solution our teams develop. His remarkable work reflects a dedication to innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to address our customers’ toughest challenges. His ability to think creatively, adapt to unique needs, and swiftly provide innovative solutions has set a high standard for excellence.

Currently overseeing multiple large teams working on complex and groundbreaking engineering solutions, Dave exemplifies a proactive approach to mission-aligned problem-solving. His refusal to shy away from challenges and his relentless commitment to innovation distinguish him as a driving force within our organization.

Congratulations, Dave! Your unwavering commitment to excellence not only enhances our team at Royce Geo but also propels us closer to achieving our mission.