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From the Field to the Classroom

Royce Geo is an award-winning and recognized leader in the Intelligence, Training, and Analytics sectors for the Defense and Intelligence Community. We have drafted a team of highly vetted and diverse talent prepared to handle various intelligence issues with a creative and methodical solution.

Our intelligence services ensure that our mission partners receive high-quality tradecraft, utilizing emerging data and software, continually evolving to the ever-changing mission landscape. For example, Royce Geo’s Intelligence Modernization service comprises Geospatial, Imagery, and Open Source Analysts; Cartographers; Collection Managers; Data Modelers/Scientists; and GEOINT Certified Instructors. This means that our areas of expertise are vast, and we can support traditional and complex intelligence missions.

Experienced Experts, at the Ready

Our services provide your organization with access to experts at the top of their field who are committed to helping you harness the true power of the information you possess. Explore the fields and subjects we thrive in.


  • Geospatial Analysis
  • GIS Data Analysis
  • Cartography
  • Human Geography
  • Data Management
  • GIS Engineering
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  • Imagery Analysis
  • Motion GEOINT Analysis
  • Image Science
  • Accelerated Tasking Orchestration & Collection
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  • Big-Data Applications
  • Geospatial Applications
  • Visualizations
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Modeling & Analytics

  • Collection Modeling Analysis
  • Analytic Methodology
  • Analytic Modernization
  • Data Science
  • Activity-Based Intel
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  • GEOINT Certified Instruction
  • Data Modeling Instruction
  • Critical Thinking Instruction
  • Activity Based Intel Instruction
  • Course Development
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Open Source Intelligence

  • Open Source Analysis
  • Open Source Research
  • Geospatial & Dark Web
  • Commercial Data Acquisition
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Importance of Intelligence Modernization

In Critical Missions

Our diverse and impactful work supports our defense and intelligence mission partners. Our Intelligence Modernization service is just one of our many solutions.

  • Implement a business-centric approach that makes use of our deep expertise and modern development principles
  • Meet your unique business needs with tailored, expertise-specific solutions
  • Maximize performance and scalability by adopting and prioritizing modern technologies


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