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Honoring Service Members and Veterans this Military Appreciation Month

As Military Appreciation Month draws to a close, the Royce Geo team is reflecting upon the service and sacrifice of so many men and women today and throughout our nation’s history. Every day, we bear witness to the incredible work of the dedicated service members who protect our nation. Our Mission First culture is predicated on the values and principles we’ve observed in the military, and we are proud to support all military personnel around the world. 

Our understanding of the difficult and important work servicemen and women do is not just because of our own work with the Armed Forces, but because nearly 60% of our team members are veterans or reservists. 

A critical way we support service members is by connecting with those transitioning out of the military and into civilian life and helping them with their careers after the service. For many, the transition can be a very difficult and stressful experience. Working in the private sector is vastly different from the military, and many veterans face serious culture shocks in adapting to their new roles and life.  

That’s why it’s so important for companies to understand that part of appreciating service members is having empathy for the challenges they face both in uniform and as civilians. 

At Royce Geo, we believe it is critical that veterans have a connection with each other. Many veterans employed at our company have expressed the benefits that come from working in an environment with so many fellow veterans. There is an immediate bond and relatability that wouldn’t exist otherwise. They can regale each other with stories from the service and feel at ease with someone who has been down a similar road to them. 

More importantly, for recently retired veterans, they can find friends and mentors to help them through the various challenges of civilian life such as working out which benefits to enroll in, adapting to new team dynamics that are different from military-style chain of command, or feeling like they can’t ask for help when they need it. Opening up to someone who can not only relate, but has gone through the same experience, is tremendously helpful. 

Here at Royce Geo, Military Appreciation Month is a time for more than platitudes; it’s an extension of the culture we build every day. We are proud to work hand in hand with the Armed Forces to help achieve their missions and support our veteran employees in the workplace so they can thrive in civilian life. After the sacrifices they’ve made for our country, it’s the least we can do.