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ADAPT Training

Royce Geo’s solutions are derived out of necessity and designed to integrate with the most difficult of intelligence missions and operational support across the analysis spectrum. Our solutions are forged in the intimate understanding of our client’s mission with our years of tactical and strategic experience.

Through this unique coupling, we provide Innovative Solutions with Mission-Driven results.


ADAPT (Assess, Discover, Apply, Promote, Train) Analytics Tradecraft Training Platform is a purpose-built, custom-curated training solution that rapidly advances tradecraft training, teaching advanced intelligence techniques at mission speed.

This solution flattens the learning curve for advanced tradecraft adoption and empowers analysts with the tacit knowledge to perform advanced data analytics and modeling. Specifically, our operational insights and proven tradecraft are leveraged to anticipate our clients’ training needs for evolving mission areas and data complexities.

Our ADAPT solution focuses on advanced analytical concepts and tradecraft that all analysts can benefit from regardless of their individual mission; our solution is geographically unconstrained and intelligence discipline agnostic.

Because of the agility of our ADAPT solution, we consistently conform new analytical methodologies to advanced training and tradecraft in real-time at mission speed. In addition, our ADAPT solution addresses our clients’ immediate needs by providing relevant tradecraft to advance the modernization of analytical methodologies and concepts.

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