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Royce Geo Delivers ISR Modernization Capabilities in Support of Valiant Shield 22

Royce Geo today announced the successful execution of its multi-domain capabilities in support of Valiant Shield 2022, a U.S.-only, large-scale war game exercise held in USINDOPACOM

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ARLINGTON, Va., July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Royce Geospatial Consultants (Royce Geo) today announced the successful execution of its multi-domain capabilities in support of Valiant Shield 2022, a U.S.-only, large-scale war game exercise held in the INDOPACOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). The real-world training environment showcased how Royce Geo’s solutions better enable the U.S. military and Intelligence Community (IC) to identify, monitor, anticipate and directly address threats to the U.S. and its partners.  

Royce Geo is revolutionizing the way commercial and national Intelligence, Sensors and Reconnaissance (ISR) data is tasked, processed, exploited and disseminated through its CURVE Cloud Operational Environment. The company provides a capability for multi-intelligence (multi-INT) and cross-domain operations that automates the delivery of time-sensitive intelligence to the warfighter and IC.

Royce Geo executed several key objectives for U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) in support of Valiant Shield 2022 by accelerating TC-PED workflows through automation. Royce Geo automates repeatable TC-PED processes through its Workbench solution, enabling low-code/no-code data modeling.

Adam Estrada, CTO, Royce Geo, said: “We integrated our CURVE Cloud solution with the existing Army Program of Record (PoR) during the exercise to address several modernization objectives to include gap in collection. Along with our partners Planet and ICEYE, Royce Geo addressed the Army’s gap in collection by accelerating commercial satellite tasking orchestration through automation as well as exploited commercial data through machine-driven automation for operational use. Our team automated reporting for monitoring and alerting into a messaging workflow feeding into the Joint Fires Network, which reduced latency in the kill chain process.”

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Dave Sterling, CEO, Royce Geo, said: “Through participation in Valiant Shield’s exercise, our team integrated, demonstrated and fine-tuned our capabilities on the fly in a real-world mission scenario. Being able to verify the adaptability of our technology in the field is essential in ensuring operators across all branches can get the data they need to make critical decisions at a moment’s notice. We value the participation and rapid feedback from our Warfighter partners across multiple units and commands. This was the best example of a collaborative effort, building novel solutions that truly integrate and increase capability of our partners’ current systems.”

Valiant Shield builds an alliance between participating military branches to demonstrate the ability to detect, track and engage units at sea, in the air, and on land west of the International Date Line at a moment’s notice, ensuring the U.S. military maintains its competitive advantage. Using Live-Virtual-Constructive training enablers, the exercise simulates live tactical forces with constructive, synthetic opposing forces. An impending exponential increase in the volume of consumable data sets creates a very challenging PED cycle for the limited number of military analysts available in a mission setting. Royce Geo’s solution demonstrated how field operators can synthesize oceans of data at mission speed through proven automation tradecraft, created over several years supporting DoD and IC partners, supporting warfighter functions of Valiant Shield 2022.

About Royce Geo

Royce Geo is an advanced intelligence solutions and services company providing support across the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD), both CONUS and abroad. Royce Geo’s core business delivers advanced tradecraft, specifically leveraging advanced Big Data and intelligence methodologies, data automation/visualization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), collection management and automated tasking orchestration, exploitation, and dissemination services.

Royce Geo employs experienced Intelligence Analysts, Data Science professionals, Intelligence Tradecraft Instructors, and Intelligence Applications & Data Engineers, who work closely with our Defense and Intelligence Community clients to provide top-quality Multi-INT tradecraft. We are global: Royce Geo delivers superior mission analytic solutions and services at facilities around the continental U.S. and embedded with deployed mission partners, around the globe. For more information on our CURVE Cloud Operational Environment please contact us at  

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