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Royce Geo Selected by NGA for 5th Task Order Award Under Economic Indicator Monitoring (EIM) Program

New Electro-Optical Commercial Analytic Services (EOCAS) project expands application of overhead commercial data and analytics to understand global trends that affect economic and military capabilities

ARLINGTON, VA, September 6, 2023 – Royce Geo, a leader in intelligence lifecycle modernization, has been awarded the company’s fifth Delivery Order on NGA’s Economic Indicator Monitoring (EIM) program.

The new EOCAS project follows Royce Geo’s successful deliveries on multiple EIM orders and will continue to leverage the company’s unique capabilities to efficiently monitor hundreds of global locations with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) systems to detect, classify, quantify, and analyze trends for objects of interest within commercial satellite images and other sources of geospatially referenced information.

“Our mission is focused on delivering advanced data acquisition and analytical services that enable our clients to leverage the vast and growing availability and capability of commercial data,” said Dave Sterling, CEO of Royce Geo. “Seeking solutions that apply technologies such as AI/ML to commercial data sources and integrating them into an operational capacity makes NGA’s EIM program so forward-leaning.  As a result, EIM is solving complex intelligence problem sets and delivering massive gains in efficiency and quality. We are proud to continue serving the EIM mission through EOCAS and further advancing intelligence tradecraft through our partnership with NGA.”

EOCAS will leverage Royce Geo’s CURVE (Coordinate, Understand, Resource, Visualize, Enhance) Operational Environment (OE), which enables the team to rapidly develop, refine, and operate AI/ML algorithms that bring the efficiency of automation-at-scale to the EIM program.  CURVE OE automatically sources commercial satellite imagery from multiple vendors via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enriches the quality of satellite data, exploits data to locate and classify target objects, delivers located targets through prescribed formats and services, and enables customers to visually monitor project status through dashboards and a Common Intelligence Picture – Common Operating Picture (CIP-COP) application. The system is backed by Royce Geo’s team of expert analysts and data scientists who ensure the system delivers information that meets rigorous standards for precision, recall, latency, and efficiency.

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Royce Geo is revolutionizing and democratizing advanced analytics for the Department of Defense and the broader Intelligence Community. Our unparalleled technology ecosystem, led by the CURVE Operational Environment, provides actionable intelligence to more decision-makers at mission speed. Royce Geo puts advanced analytics and Low/No-Code technologies in the hands of more warfighters to address emerging threats worldwide in real-time. To learn more, visit and follow #RoyceGeo to see what’s coming next.